It’s A Great Time To Review Your Insurance Coverage.

Your insurance portfolio should be a work in progress because, just as your life changes constantly, your insurance coverage must change to fit your circumstances. Whether it’s your auto insurance or the coverage on your home or maybe the amount of life insurance you carry, the new year is a good time to take a […]
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Endline Pike Childhood Hunger Campaign Update

In collaboration with Feeding America, Endline Pike Insurance is poised to contribute 100,000 meals to children who are nutritionally insecure within our local communities in the battle against childhood hunger. Childhood hunger is a serious issue that doesn’t begin or end on a specific date. For each new policy issued, Endline Pike Insurance will donate […]
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TIPS TO HELP YOU STOP TEXTING WHILE DRIVING 1.Put your phone out of reach. 2.Use an app to block incoming texts or calls. 3.If you are going to use your phone for navigational purposes, make sure that it is mounted to the dashboard. 4.Make a commitment to not use your phone while driving.
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Act now to help end hunger

Taking Action to End Childhood Hunger

Endline/Pike Insurance is excited to announce that we are collaborating with Feeding America in the battle against childhood hunger. We at Endline/Pike Insurance are poised to contribute 100,000 meals to children who are nutritionally insecure in Great Lakes Bay Region communities. September is Hunger Action Month, and while childhood hunger is a serious issue that […]
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Red car

Busting Common Insurance Myths

We get it – sometimes it’s hard to separate insurance fact from insurance fiction. For example, did you grow up thinking that car insurance costs more if you drive a red car? What about if you live in an apartment – does your landlord’s insurance policy cover your stuff? Let’s bust these common insurance myths […]
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Distracted driving

Don’t Think You Drive Distracted?

Distracted driving has become an epidemic, taking more than 3,000 lives a year in the United States alone.1 And while your first instinct might be to think that you don’t drive distracted, not so fast. Because the truth is, most people don’t associate their distracted driving habits as “distracted driving.” While driving, have you ever: Adjusted your […]
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