Infographic: Deer on the Road? Here’s What To Do

Fawn in the road

Infographic: Deer on the Road? Here’s What To Do

Oh, deer!

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, a collision with some form of wildlife occurs, on average, every 39 minutes. And deer are a major culprit. On top of these already astonishing figures, there’s a surge in the number of deer-auto collisions in the fall. During their October to December migration and mating season, deer wander all over – and onto the roads. And a run-in with a deer can be a very unfortunate event. It can cause severe injuries to you and your passengers, and cost an average of $2,800 to repair your vehicle. So here are some tips to prevent a collision and, if an accident is unavoidable, explain how to reduce damage to you, your car and your passengers.

Keep this infographic in mind when you see a deer on or near the roadway.

Deer Infographic